Vinyl Horse Fencing Roll

Vinyl Horse Fencing Roll

The Vinyl Horse Fencing Roll is a simple, yet powerful tool that can improve the lives of horse owners everywhere. Whether it’s an animal trainer, a groomer, or just someone who owns a horse, there’s no doubt that a PVC fence roll will make life easier for them. The idea behind the Vinyl Horse Fencing … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Travel By Horse?

Horses are used in many different ways today, from transporting people and goods to competing in equestrian events. However, it’s not always the fastest or safest way to travel. Horses can take around ten hours for a one-way trip over 10 miles on average when ridden with riders less than 150 pounds. Travelling by horse … Read more

How Long After Hoof Abscess Can I Show Horse Again?

How To Choose A Hoof Supplement For Barefoot Horses, What You Have To Consider

A hoof abscess is an infection in the tissue that surrounds a horse’s hoof. It can occur as a result of trauma to the foot, such as stepping on something sharp or being kicked by another horse. Many times it occurs due to poor shoeing practices and malnutrition. The majority of cases can be treated … Read more

What Do Horse Hoof Tracks Look Like?

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Horse hoof tracks are a lot like human footprints. The idea that horse prints can be compared to the trail left by humans is an old one but, while identifying them in the wild may be simple enough at first glance, experts still struggle with determining whether they were made by horses when there’s more … Read more

What Makes Up The Sensitive Lamina And The Sole In Horse Hoof?

Things To Look For In Horse Joint Supplements

The sensitive lamina and the sole of a horse hoof are comprised of three main layers. The surface is made up of close-packed epithelial cells that form an outer layer, called the cuticle which protects against dryness or other environmental factors. Beneath them is a thicker layer called the ground substance, which also provides support … Read more

How Does A Hoof Abscess Form In A Horse?

How to Choose a Weight Gain Supplement for Horses, What you Have to Consider

A hoof abscess is a common and often painful condition in which the tissue around the frog of an equine’s foot becomes inflamed. A horse may develop a hoof abscess when it sticks its foot through one or more fence wires, causing inflammation of nerve endings in the area below the coronary band. An abscess … Read more

Which Kentucky Detby Horse Had A Hoof Issues?

Best Halters For Horses

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you give me a topic, I will give you a detailed blog introduction paragraph. The “race horse put down on the track” is a famous Kentucky Derby winner. The horse had hoof issues which led to his death. Frequently Asked Questions Which Kentucky Derby horse is … Read more

What Is An Abscess In A Horse Hoof?

Best Weight Gain Supplement For Horses

An abscess is an infected and swollen area on the surface of a hoof. The horse may show signs of lameness, fever, or other symptoms depending on how deep the infection goes. An abscess is a collection of pus and other inflammatory material in a body cavity. The most common place for an abscess to … Read more