How Much Is A Coggins Test – Find Out The No.1 Real And Best Price

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A coggins test is a common health exam for horses, and it is important to know the cost of this exam as well as which are the most popular locations in the US where you can get a coggins test for your beloved horse. So, how much is a coggins test, and what to expect from it? Let’s find out.

A coggins test is mandatory for all horses under two years of age in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and several other countries. The test involves taking a sample of the horse’s blood. It is performed by veterinarians to determine if the horse has any serious health issues or conditions. Most horses will have to have their coggins tested for at least one year in order to be considered for breeding and to acquire a permit to travel to different countries for competitions. The main parameter that is being tested is the Equine Infectious Anemia antibodies count, which gives us the answer if the horses have genetic traits to have this disease.

We will discuss how much a coggins test is and how it can help you with your horse’s health problems. Having insight into the real price can give you an understanding of which tests are high-quality and which can provide you with fake information’s. Without further ado, let’s find the real answer about how much is a coggins test!

The History Of Coggins Tests

Coggins tests have been around for less 100 years. They have evolved considerably since their beginning, but the basic principle behind them has remained unchanged: a test to determine whether a horse has been exposed to contagious diseases. The idea behind testing horses for disease exposure was born from the need to keep horses safe and prevent them from getting sick. The testing method is used today, although it was created in 1973 by Dr. Leroy Coggins

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What Does A Coggins Test Cover?

The only official way to test a horse for the presence of equine infectious anemia (EIA) is through a coggins test. Coggins tests are performed by getting blood from your horse and then sending the sample to a certified lab. An anal gland sample can also be used to identify the presence of EIA. Both of these methods require a well-defined procedure. The main purpose is to track the number of antibodies the horse has for the EIA disease; that way, you know that the horse has it because the immune system battled with that disease.

What Does A Coggins Reveal About My Horse?

A Coggins certificate is a quick, painless, and non-invasive test. The owner of the horse signs the document and then has it notarized to confirm ownership. The horse’s owner must give a statement that they are satisfied with the results of the test. The Coggins report is used to ensure that the horse is healthy and free of infectious diseases such as equine herpes virus (EHV) I, II, and III. It also ensures that the horse has no evidence of equine infectious anemia (EIA), equine glanders, and equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV).

 How long does it take to get a Coggins

What Is The Best Price For A Coggins Test?

When it comes to pricing the coggins test, it is not unusual for a lab to charge anywhere between $30 and $150 per test, depending on the circumstances. There are multiple reasons why lab charges may vary, and one is because of volume discounts. Another reason is that the tests are performed by highly trained technicians who must complete certain training requirements. In addition, there is an overhead cost associated with running a lab and purchasing the equipment needed to perform the tests.

How Much Is A Coggins Test?

This is one of those questions that are not as obvious as it sounds. I mean, you don’t see ads for Coggins tests all over the place. The reason for this is that Coggins tests cost between $30 on the low note and $100 on the high note, depending on the state. The coggins test is really important, and you shouldn’t go cheap on it. Always aim to get results from a high-end veterinarian facility, that way, you will be assured that the results are legit and that is the real health state of your horse.

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Final Thoughts On How Much Is A Coggins Test

In conclusion, A Coggins test is a simple blood test that helps to determine if a horse is healthy or if there are any health problems. Horses can be tested at any age, and the test is relatively painless. If your horse has any signs of illness, such as diarrhea or coughing, it is important to contact a veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis. Some horses require only a few tests to determine the cause of their illness, while others need many tests to be diagnosed.

I hope you got an insight into how much a coggins test is; thank you for reading. For other horse-related articles, check our other topics on our site.


How often does a horse need a Coggins test?

Before you jump into buying a horse, you should check with your vet about the appropriate frequency of Coggins testing to ensure that the horse has been exposed to all of the relevant diseases, including those that can cause colic. Most horses are tested yearly, but if you live in an area where equine diseases are prevalent (like Florida), you may need to be tested more frequently.

How long does it take to get a Coggins?

Depending on how fast is the laboratory that you are doing the tests in and how far you are from the facility. The average time that is needed to get the coggins test results back are four to six business days.

How long is a Coggins good for?

The coggins test results can be legit and good for the next period of 12 months. This means that when the blood is taken from the horse and analyzed, the results which come back from the laboratory can be used as a permit for the next year from the moment of the blood sample collection.

Can Coggins be cured?

No, coggins can't be cured no treated. For this disease there are still no remedies or any health treatments. So, the final and general answer is no, coggins can't be cured.