How To Treat Protein Bumps On Horses?

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Horses are animals that can be quite susceptible to injuries or bumps. If you notice a bump on your horse, it’s important for the animal and its owner to know what should be done in order to treat the bump properly and prevent further problems from occurring.

Protein bumps are a common problem for horses. The most common treatment is to use topical medication, but there are other methods of treatment as well. Pictures of protein bumps on horses can be found in the article.

What does a protein bump look like on a horse?

A: A protein bump is a small, raised area on the skin of a horse. It can be seen as a dark spot or bump on the skin. Protein bumps are usually found on horses that have been in contact with something toxic, such as pesticides.

Why do horses break out in hives?

A: Horses can break out in hives due to a number of different reasons, but the most common is an allergic reaction. Horses are often sensitive to certain substances, such as pollen and dust mites, which cause them to break out into hives.

Protein bumps on horses are a common occurrence. They can be caused by poor nutrition, dehydration, or other factors. The best way to treat them is to use a topical ointment that contains cortisone. Reference: protein bumps on skin.

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