Difference Between A Mule And A Hinny Explained!

Difference Between A Mule And A Hinny Explained!

Mules and hinnies are not animals that we come across very often in the equine world. However, these interesting animals are still widely used in some countries, as their strength and endurance make them very useful working animals. But what is the difference between a mule and a hinny? What Is A Mule? To figure … Read more

What Is A Gelding, Mare Or Stallion?

What Is A Gelding, Mare Or Stallion

When it comes to horse terminology, the names for genders can be confusing! Have you ever wondered what is a gelding, mare, or stallion? Many horse owners and riders prefer mares or geldings over one another, but what is the reason for this? The interesting fact about geldings, stallions, and mares is that each gender … Read more

Best Cushing’s Disease Treatment For Horses

Best Cushing's Disease Treatment For Horses

Cushing’s disease is a common disorder that many older horses suffer from. If you own or care for an elderly equine, it is important that you understand how to recognize and manage this life-long condition. But what is the best Cushing’s disease treatment for horses? With the correct care and attention, horses with Cushing’s disease … Read more

What Is The Average Jockey Height and Weight?

What Is The Average Jockey Height and Weight

It is safe to say that horse jockeys are one of the smallest athletes of the equine world! It can be hard to understand how these tiny horse riders can control such a powerful animal. But what is the average jockey height and weight? Let’s take a look at the size and weight of jockeys … Read more