Why Does My Horse Get Sore After A Hoof Trim?

Horses can suffer from a condition known as laminitis, which causes the hoof wall to become inflamed. Laminitis is typically caused by insufficient nutrients and exercise in combination with environmental factors such as cold weather. It only becomes painful when an animal’s life-threatening health conditions are worsened by pain. When your horse gets sore after … Read more

How To Protect Horse Hoof In Turnout?

The horse hoof is a vital component of the equine body, protecting it from both external forces and damage. Horses naturally protect their feet by curling them into a ball when they are in turnout. However, this can lead to other health problems as well such as fetlocks overgrowth or colic due to bacteria accumulation … Read more

What Does Shedding Frog Look Like On Horse Hoof?

The frog is a small, translucent amphibian native to North and South America. The frogs’ green-brown skin varies in color between individuals, but it often has lighter spots or lines on its back when seen from the side. When a horse attempts to shake off water, the frog’s legs are easily dislodged as they move … Read more

Horse Hoof When Born?

The hoof is the part of a horse’s foot that covers and supports the fetlock. The normal length for horses to be able to stand on their hind legs without putting weight on their front feet is around 7 inches (180 mm). Many breeds will have longer or shorter toes, but in general there are … Read more

How To Wrap Horse Hoof With Abscessed Heel?

Horses are large animals that require a lot of care. One of the most common issues with horses is hoof abscesses, which can occur due to excessive activity or poor nutrition. If you find an infected horse’s foot, the only way to get rid of it permanently is by surgically removing and cauterizing the area … Read more

How To Make A Horse Hoof Grow?

Horse hoof care is critical to a horse’s well-being and can be time-consuming if you have more than one horse. Horse owners often make mistakes when caring for their horses, which leads to bad hooves or lameness in the animal. There are many ways of taking care of a horse’s feet that will help prevent … Read more

How To Get Hoof Growth On A Horse?

Hoof growth is one of the most complicated topics in horse care. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to keep your horses hooves healthy, which can be difficult for both professional trainers and amateur owners alike. This article will outline the basics you need to know about how to grow horseshoes on horses … Read more

How To Use Davis Horse Hoof Boots?

Davis Horse Hoof Boots are a popular tool that is used as part of the hoof care process. They’re designed to fit over the shoe and protect both horse’s shoes from getting injured or cracked during hard ground work. Davis horse boots are a popular tool for horses. Davis makes a variety of sizes that … Read more

Horse Hoof Abscess How Long?

An abscess is a collection of pus that forms due to an infection. The pus can spread into the surrounding tissues, causing inflammation and pain in the hoof or leg area. This article will discuss what causes an abscess, how long it lasts before treatment becomes necessary, and three potential treatments for treating this condition … Read more

How To Get The Heels Back Under The Hoof Leg Of Your Horse?

Horses are often used for assistance and transportation. However, their hooves can cause injury to people and property if not taken care of properly. Learn how to get your horse’s legs back under its hoof at the beginning of every riding season by using these tips from a certified trainer Some horse owners love their … Read more