How To Put Weight On An Older Horse?

Horses only have enough strength in the front legs to support themselves, so a rider must use their own weight and balance to put weight on them. It is important for horse owners — especially those with older horses — to learn this skill that will help keep both riders safe. Horses lose weight and … Read more

How To Mount A Horse From The Ground?

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How To Care For A Mini Horse?

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How To Cinch A Horse?

Every horse that I have been around has a cinch attached to the saddle. This strap is used to pull up on one side of the saddle when tying it up and likely helps keep your horse in place during training or riding them long distances. However, there are other uses for this tool that … Read more

How Much Alfalfa To Feed A Horse?

Alfalfa is a type of high-quality hay that can be fed to horses. A sheep’s diet typically consists of alfalfa and grasses, so it would not make sense for humans to eat this plant; however, earthworms often live in fresh manure (the feces) which may contain enough nutrients to allow the consumption by people who … Read more

Best Thrush Treatment For Horses Revealed!

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How Many Days Is A Horse Pregnant?

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How To Catch A Horse In A Field?

There are many ways to catch a horse, but the most effective is by lassoing its neck. The term “catch” can also refer to catching an object that has fallen out of sight and then bringing it back into view. This metaphor is borrowed from a legend about St. George, who used his spear’s point … Read more