Men’s Horse Riding Jeans: The Best Pair

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Searching for tips to find the best men’s horse riding jeans? Look no further!

Horse riding gear is costly, and if you’re starting out, there’s no need to invest in the most expensive pair of pants out there. You can start your training and enjoy every day riding in a pair of jeans. Western riders wear jeans daily, and they perform pretty great!

When choosing pants to wear while riding your horse, look for something comfortable that can withstand some wear and tear. 

In this article, I deconstruct the different pairs of jeans available and explain which styles are the best for riding. 

Can You Use Normal Jeans For Horse Riding?

Regular blue jeans are an excellent choice for horse riding. They have a classic western appeal and are durable and versatile. Depending on where and when you’re riding, blue jeans may not be the norm. 

Blue jeans make it easier to go to and from the stables. A good pair of blue jeans used for horse riding should be tight-fitting with narrow legs to make it easier to mount or dismount your horse.  

The variety of cuts available makes the choice easy. You will definitely find a cut that’s comfortable for you.

 Are jeans good for riding horses?

What To Look For In Men’s Horse Riding Jeans

Choosing a pair of good horse riding jeans is easier when you keep these factors in mind:

The Rise 

Your jean’s rise is the distance between your crotch area and waist. Jeans are available in low, mid, and high-rises. 

Low-rise jeans will sit very low or even below your hips. Mid-rise jeans sit just below your natural hips, and high-rise jeans near your belly button.

The best choice for riding is mid or high-rise jeans. These offer better support and more coverage, especially in the back, where gaping may occur while sitting on your horse.

The Cut

The cut of your jeans refers to how they fit. There are different types of cuts, and some are more appropriate for riding. 

Traditionally, the boot cut is a common choice for riding. This cut is tapered from the knee down and widens at your ankles. You can comfortably wear a boot underneath them.

The cowboy cut is similar to the bootcut but doesn’t widen as much. These jeans will fit tighter over your horse riding boots.

 How long should horse riding jeans be?

You can also choose a trouser cut style. This jean fits tight from the hips to the legs. 

Flare-cut jeans have significantly wider ankles, forming a bell-shaped bottom. Skinny jeans fit tighter all the way to the ankle.  

Good choices for riding jeans are boot, cowboy cut, and trousers or skinny cut jeans.

The Wash

Consider the wash and color of jeans before using them for riding. A darker wash can be more appropriate for formal occasions, while a lighter wash will show dirt more easily.

Jean Pockets

Jean pockets can look and feel uncomfortable. Choose jeans with flat-stitched pockets and ensure there are no embellishments on them.

The Knees

Flexible knees are a good idea on a pair of riding jeans. Jeans that fit looser through the knee will be more flexible.

The Weight

The weight of your jean material will determine how well it fits, feels, and lasts. 

 What are the best jeans for Western riding?

Other Pants That Are Good For Horse Riding

While blue jeans are an excellent choice for horse riding, there are times and situations when you can’t wear them. For these instances, breeches and jodhpurs are very popular.  


Breeches were specifically designed for horse riding. When sized correctly, a good pair of breeches will offer all the support and comfortability an avid equestrian could want. 

Breeches only come down to midcalf and are a popular choice for competitions. Breeches are designed to fit comfortably into tall riding boots. They’re made from a thin fabric and have a snug and comfortable fit that prevents chafing and pinching. 

Breeches come in various materials and can have added seat styles for better grip on the saddle. They can also have added kneepads to offer protection in a fall.  

Unfortunately, breeches can be expensive, but if you’re able to save for a pair, they’ll be worth every penny!


Jodhpurs and breeches are similar but have one significant difference: jodhpurs don’t cut off mid-calf.  

This difference makes jodhpurs a better choice for riders who prefer shorter boots. Both jodhpurs and breeches have the same flexibility and are made from similar materials. Jodhpurs, like breeches, can be expensive.  

 What is a riding jean?

Wrapping Up

You can comfortably wear your favorite pair of jeans while riding your horse around the barn, but you might have to upgrade your gear once you enter competitions. Breeches and jodhpurs are recommended for competition riding.

Some jeans are specifically designed with horse riders in mind, but any old pair will do if you can’t afford them right away. The most important thing is that your clothes fit comfortably and offer protection in the event of a fall. 

I hope this article was helpful. If you decide to wear jeans while riding your horse, let us know which style works best for you. Any other questions about horse riding attire are also welcome in the comments!


Are jeans good for riding horses?

Jeans are durable, lightweight, and offer protection. They make excellent horse riding pants but aren't fit for many competitions. You can wear jeans for every day riding or around the stables.

How long should horse riding jeans be?

When horse riding jeans and boots are worn, they should cover your legs completely. The length of your boots will determine the length of your jeans.

What is a riding jean?

Horse riding jeans can refer to regular jeans used when riding horses, but also to pants designed to look like jeans for aesthetic purposes. Many breeches and jodhpurs are designed to mimic the appeal of jeans.

What are the best jeans for Western riding?

Western riders wear blue jeans. These are durable, have that classic Western appeal, and sit comfortably enough to allow free movement.