How Much Is My Horse Trailer Worth? Tips For Calculating The Value!

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You need to calculate how much your horse trailer is worth if you plan on trading or selling it. Here’s how to get the best price!

Horse trailers differ a lot. There are many brands to choose from, and you can even build your own if you have the skills, equipment, and right materials. These trailers are so in-demand that insurance companies cover them!

If you’ve made a horse trailer or want to sell your used one to upgrade, you need to know its worth. 

In this article, I share whether horse trailers hold their worth, and what you can do to determine a selling price for yours. 

Do Horse Trailers Hold Their Value?

Horse trailers hold their resale value pretty well – much better than travel trailers. Horse trailers with warranties of eight or more years are popular among most horse owners. 

It’s always good to be prepared, as even the best trailers can experience problems. A few factors to consider when buying a horse trailer are:

  • How you’ll use it
  • Which materials it’s made from
  • It’s size
  • It’s weight
  • The type of hitch it has

All of these factors also determine the depreciation value of your horse trailer and the eventual resale value. 

 How do I find the value of a horse trailer?

Aluminum trailers are more expensive than those made of steel. Having plexiglass panels will also increase the resale value of your trailer. Any improvements like feeding troughs and replacing the floor and tires will also influence the resale value. 

The size and type of your horse trailer also determine its resale value. A three-horse stall trailer will cost more than a stock trailer.

How Much Does A New And Used Horse Trailer Cost?

It’s difficult to put an average price on horse trailers since their price depends on the specific job they’re designed for. 

Depending on its size, weight, and materials used, a new horse trailer can cost between $4,000 and $50,000 – some even more!

A used trailer can quickly start selling at $1,000. Again, this price is determined by the intended use of the trailer, its quality, and how well it’s been used. 

Two-horse trailers are more expensive than one-horse trailers but more affordable than three-horse trailers. 

Any improvements will also add to the price. Some horses don’t travel well, so always buy the safest trailer you can afford to ensure the comfort and safety of your horse. 

A horse trailer is a significant investment, whether new or used. Buying a horse trailer that will be good to use for your older horse as well as a younger horse is an excellent investment.

 What are the top-rated horse trailers?

How Much Is My Horse Trailer Worth? Calculate The Value Like This!

Knowing the value of your horse trailer is important for the sake of sales price and insurance. Research and preparation are needed to determine your horse trailer’s value. 

If your horse trailer is used for a specific breed of horse, the value can vary widely depending on location and time of year. The frequency of use can also determine the value. How well the horse trailer is maintained is also important in determining its value. Conduct research on what is current in your area. You can use a variety of methods  like, 

  • Going to a local towing dealer that deals in your specific brand of horse trailer. Take your own horse trailer with you if possible. They will give you an approximate value for your horse trailer. If it isn’t possible to take your trailer with you, look for a trailer that looks like yours and has the same year model.  
  • Searching online for used horse trailer websites and looking at a few pages to determine the approximate value of your horse trailer.  
  • Taking the data you’ve gathered and comparing the different prices to determine the approximate price you can ask for your horse trailer. Consider the overall condition of your horse trailer when comparing it to others. Also, take into account its age, style, and size.

Before buying or making an offer on a used horse trailer, thoroughly inspect the following areas:

Exterior: Using a ladder, knee pads, and pocket knife, inspect the exterior, roof, and tongue. 

Interior: Use a flashlight to inspect the floor and wiring. Always check the brakes, tires and wheel bearings, interior, and accessories. Ensure the hitch is in good condition.

 What is the average cost of a horse trailer?

List all the amenities added to the basic horse trailer. If you research a steel trailer without a saddle, and the trailer you inspect has a saddle, that is an amenity.

Also, list all the repairs that you’ll need to make. This deducts from the overall price of the horse trailer.

Final Words

The worth of your horse trailer will depend on what it offers. Specific designs, materials used, and the condition it’s in will determine the price you can ask for. If you’re unsure of your trailer’s value, you can ask someone who regularly sells them for advice.

If you liked this article, let me know in the comments. You can also ask any other questions you have about horse trailers, and I’ll get back to you soon!


How do I find the value of a horse trailer?

The best way to find the value of a horse trailer is by inspecting it and comparing it to similar horse trailers. This will help you determine an average price.

What are the top-rated horse trailers?

The best horse trailer brands worldwide include the Sundowner, the Exiss, the Titan, the Lakota, and the Featherlite.

What is the average cost of a horse trailer?

It's difficult to determine the average cost of a horse trailer, but you can expect to pay anything from $5,000 and up.

Why are horse trailers so expensive right now?

Horse trailers are expensive because they offer a unique service. Without them, you wouldn't be able to safely transport your horse.