How Long Do Horses Grow? – Amazing Facts About Horse Growth Revealed!

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“How long do horses grow?” is a question seeking to know at what age a horse stops growing and how much it may have grown at this stage. Horses grow for as long as four or five years before they are fully developed. This specified age is not set in stone, it varies from horse to horse and maybe different slightly in different breeds. Draft horses, that are much bigger than other horses may only reach complete development when they are around seven to eight years.

For the sake of this article, however, the answer to the question of “how long do horses grow?” will be four to five years which is the average age. Most horses would have reached at least ninety percent of their height by age two while spreading out the remaining ten percent over the next two to three years.

The growth that usually happens within these last two to three years is the fusion of their vertebrate bones. The bones that determine their height like the ones in their knees usually have fused by this time, so you usually would have known how tall a horse is going to be by age two.

How Much Will A Horse Have Grown By The Time It’s Five?

As we have established that four to five years is usually how long horses grow, by the time a horse is five, it would have been almost, if not completely grown. This means it would have attained its total height and weight and is almost completely emotionally mature.

By five, all the bones in the knees and the vertebral bones would have fused and the horse would most likely have done some riding. At this point, it will only be doing a little bit of filling out and some muscle growth, nothing too significant.

How Much Will A Horse Have Grown By The Time It's Five

A Horse’s Height After Two Years – How Long Do Horses Grow?

After reaching two years of age, a horse’s growth slows down exponentially. By age two, the horse would have achieved at least ninety percent of its growth. However, this does not mean that the growth of a horse after twenty-four months is insignificant, it is quite essential.

While a horse may have reached its mature height and may look mature at two, it is after this age that the bones of its neck and spine start to fuse. They also fill out slowly over the next few years to reach their mature weight and size.

It is also important to know that it to find a horse that is emotionally mature at two is somewhere from difficult to impossible.

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How Can You Tell What The Mature Height Of A Horse Will Be?

How Long Do Horses Grow? Telling how big your horse is going to have no rules about it but by monitoring its growth from the beginning, you should be able to have some estimates that will hold. Your horse’s legs are a good place for measurement. The legs can easily be said to be the most defined parts that achieve full growth first. By looking at the legs of a horse that is already two, you can easily guess how tall it is going to be.

Genes also play a big role in how big your horse is going to be. Take a look at the parents, how tall are they, and how much do they weigh? You can use this to make a rough estimate of how big your horse is going to be. So while you find answers to the question “How long do horses grow?” consider the genes of your horse.

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How Long Do Horses Grow?

In addition, there are external factors that affect how long horses grow and how big they are going to be. These include nutrition, exercise, and whether they are always cooped in. For instance, overfeeding your horse at a young age because you want to see fast growth can lead to complications in the future.

Also, cooping up young horses that are still pumped with energy in the stable can affect their muscle growth and flexibility. They’ll likely grow up stiffer and less bulked up than horses that were out free to graze and run.

Will Gelding A Horse Affect Its Growth?

Horses that have been gelded i.e castrated are often called geldings. So, will gelding a horse affect its growth? The answer depends on when the gelding takes place. Gelding a horse during its growth spurt, the period where most of its growth occurs, which is between one and two years can make the answer a yes. Doing this earlier, however, may even cause it to grow a bit taller than it would have if it wasn’t gelded. Gelding does not affect how long a horse grows if you do it early.

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Can You Ride A Two-Year-Old Horse?

It is not advisable to ride a two-year-old horse because while it may have grown to over ninety percent of its mature height, the vertebral bones that you’ll be sitting on will not be completely fused. It also likely will not be emotionally mature enough to understand your instructions and this may lead to it tiring out early in life.

The knees of horses close i.e fuse around this age but even though these knees have fused, they may not be strong enough to hold both you and the horse up. Three to four years is usually the safe age to get a rider on a horse as it is usually both physically and emotionally mature at this point.

Conclusion On How Long Do Horses Grow?

A lot of questions have been answered regarding the growth of horses. How long do horses grow? Four to five years on average. How much will a horse have grown by the time it is five years old? Pretty much completely.

How much taller will a horse grow after two years? Much less than it did in the first two years. Will gelding a horse stunt its growth? Not if you do it at the right time. Can you ride a two-year-old horse? It is not advisable but is not impossible.

Any other questions you have concerning the growth of horses can be asked and will be answered in the comment session.


How much will a 2 year old horse grow?

At two years old, horses usually grow to about 95% of their adult height and weight.

How can you tell how big a horse is going to be?

You could use the horse's leg as a measurement of how big your horse will grow. The legs are one of the most defining parts of the body that measures the full growth of a horse.

Do horses have growing pains?

Young and growing horses usually have some form of orthopedic problems. The most common of these problems is Osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis is characterized by abnormal bone and cartilage formation as a horse grows.

Does gelding a horse stunt growth?

If Gelding occurs between the first and second year, then the growth of the horse will be affected. But if gelding occurs earlier in the horse's life, the growth will be more enhanced than stunted.