How Long Can A Horse Stay In A Stall?

The horse is a noble animal that has been used for centuries. It is interesting to note, though, how horses are kept in stables and sometimes have outdoor pastures which can be quite daunting at times. How long does it take for the horse to go from one stall into another? Horses need to be … Read more

Riding Belgian Draft Horse?

With its powerful hindquarters, speed, endurance and agility, Belgian Draft horses are some of the best horse breeds to ride on. They have a temperament suited for many different disciplines including dressage with plenty of style and grace. The “Belgian Draft Horse Price in India” is a horse that is used for pulling carriages. The … Read more

Horse Carrying Capacity?

Horse carrying capacity is a term that refers to the amount of weight which can be carried by horses. Horses are an animal in the genus Equus, and they have been domesticated since around 4000 BCE. The average horse carries about 500-700 pounds without any difficulty but some breeds such as Draft horses may carry … Read more

Why Don’T Wild Horses Need Their Hooves Trimmed?

A horse’s hooves are one of the most important parts of its body, but it doesn’t take a lot for them to get too long. Why don’t horses need their hooves trimmed? This article explains how and why that happens in order to understand what might be causing your horse discomfort or injury. Wild horses … Read more

Equine Classes Online?

In this era, equine classes have become a popular way for horse enthusiasts to learn more about their horses. Online communities of these type are becoming increasingly prominent. Is there an opportunity for further growth? There are many online equine courses that you can take for free. They offer certificates of completion and give your … Read more

Can You Give Horse Wormer In Feed?

The horse is a domestic animal that has been an important part of human life for centuries. Horses have been used in war, transport, sporting events and many other things – but they are primarily working animals and not pets. Despite this the size of the horse population worldwide continues to rise because people like … Read more

Can You Ride A Horse With Rain Rot?

This is a question about horses. The “how to treat rain rot in humans” is a question that asks if you can ride a horse with rain rot. The answer is yes, but it is important to know how to treat the condition. Frequently Asked Questions How long does rain rot take to heal? A: … Read more

Why Do Horses Have Blinders?

Horses are known for having blinders on their eyes, so why do they? Horses use these shades to block out distractions and focus more. This setup allows horses to process visual information from around them without any confusion or distraction. The “horse blinders” is a horse’s ability to close its eyes and see only the … Read more

Do Horses Have Two Stomachs?

Horses have a four-chamber stomach, while all other mammals and reptiles have one digestive chamber. Horses can eat pretty much anything when they are grazing and will still digest it properly. Humans need to spend hours chewing their food before swallowing the pieces even though horses take a single bite and swallow it whole. Horses … Read more

How Many Foals Can A Horse Have At Once?

Horses can give birth to a single foal at once or up to three, but they do not have the ability to produce more than that. For example, in order for one horse’s offspring to be considered purebred, its parents must both carry an A rating and their individual ratings should add up to 100 … Read more