Summer Sores On Horses – Prevention & Treatment Guide

Horses are one of the most diverse species on Earth, with more than 150 breeds worldwide. They can have all kinds of ailments that require veterinary care and treatment in order to live long, healthy lives. The “treatment for summer sores in horses” is a guide that provides prevention and treatment information. The guide also … Read more

5 Best Magnetic Therapy Boots for Horses: Reviews, Buying Guide, FAQ

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Can A Horse With Navicular Be Ridden?

The horse’s front feet have hoofs that extend forward to form a “navicular” bone. Navicular is the name of this type or toe, and its shape helps support the weight of the foot when it makes contact with hard ground. Horses with navicular are not recommended for use in riding The “when to euthanize a … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Introduce a New Horse

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Type of Sand for Horse Round Pen

Horse round pens are not just for horses. There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to what you can use the pen for, such as riding lessons and other educational activities. The “what type of sand for round pen” is a question that many horse owners ask. The answer to the … Read more

Why is a Donkey Called a Jackass?

The donkey is a horse but it’s nickname, “Jackass”, comes from its appearance. In the early 1700s, British sailors called donkeys jackasses because they looked like the devil with horns and black mane. The term was later modified to describe naughty people who were easily tricked or fooled by others. The “jackass” is a term … Read more

How Much Water Do Horses Drink?

Horses are animals that need plenty of water to live. They drink four gallons a day on average, and will drink more if they’re working hard or during hot weather. Horses also urinate as much as one gallon per hour in the summer months when their bodies naturally produce less sweat, according to veterinarians at … Read more

How to Build a Better Topline on a Horse

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Why Living Outside Can Be Beneficial To Your Horse’s Mental Wellbeing

Horses are herd animals, and horses that live outside of their regular space can have trouble adjusting to the change. Horses in a new environment might not know how to eat or interact with other horses. However, experts say that living outdoors has many benefits for your horse’s mental wellbeing. The “the top 15 benefits … Read more

Why Don’t Horses Throw Up? The Facts About Why Horses Can’t Vomit

Horses are herbivores and have a very different digestive system from humans. In fact, horses don’t actually have stomachs. They digest food in the small intestine before it moves to the large intestine where its waste is absorbed into the bloodstream through their lungs and sent back out as carbon dioxide or simply exhaled with … Read more