How Does Leasing A Horse Work?

Horse leasing can be a great investment, but you need to do your homework. We’ll walk you through the key terms and how it works. A “lease” is a contract that allows one party to use the property of another for a specific period of time. The owner of the property, known as the lessor, … Read more

How To Increase Horse Hoof Growth?

The hoof is the only part of a horse’s body that grows continuously throughout its life. It can grow as long as 4 inches per month, making it susceptible to injury when horses are shod too early or improperly. Horses need special care in all stages of their growth, and there are many steps you … Read more

How To Pick A Horse Hoof?

If you have ever wanted to learn how to pick a horse hoof, this blog is for you. This extensive guide will provide everything from some of the most common horse diseases and their symptoms all the way to tips on finding your favorite animal at a fair or farm. This is a question that … Read more

How To Trim A Horse Hoof?

Horses are some of the most loved animals in today’s world, but they also present a number of challenges. One such challenge is hoof trimming – how to do this task can be complicated and difficult for many people who don’t know enough about horses’ anatomy and what works best. The “how to trim horse … Read more

What Is A Horse Hoof Made Of?

The “parts of a horse hoof” is made up of three parts. The “hoof wall”, the “hoof capsule”, and the “frog”. Frequently Asked Questions Do horses feel pain in their hooves? A: Horses are not capable of feeling pain in their hooves. Are horse hooves like fingernails? A: They are similar in that they both … Read more